Collection: "Fur Coats in July" - Melissa's Signature Collection

The meaning of "Fur Coats in July", as written by Melissa J. Machen:

"Melissa means Honeybee. 

The exterior of the honeybee looks as if the bee is wearing a fur coat.

Honeybees are most active in the summer months.  July being the warmest month of the year."

The significance of "July" is special because Melissa's younger brother, and cousin (that she shared a special bond with), were born both in July, and their birthday's are a day apart.

According to Melissa's notes, she aspired to become a Stylist, and to launch an Online Boutique in 2017.  God however, had a different plan for Melissa's destiny.  

Therefore, I created "MellaModa Style" in her honor, and on her behalf, a few weeks after her transition from this existence.

Her final note reads:  Mella = Melissa, and Moda = Fashion.

Melissa's Signature Collection was to be, and now is: "Fur Coats in July!"

Please Enjoy your shopping experience, with us.

Thank You, for helping me make "My Baby Doll's" Dreams Come to Life!!!

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